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Features of Qnvert Email Marketing

Drag n Drop HTML Editor

Effortlessly create or choose from 200+ templates and edit HTML content by simply dragging elements onto a canvas, eliminating the complexity of manual coding.

Unsubscribe Isolations

Qnvert automatically isolates the email id that opt-out, bounced or put a complaint against your emailer

Email Verification

Validate and cleanse email lists, ensuring accuracy and reducing bounce rates. Identifying invalid or inactive addresses helps improve email deliverability and enhances overall marketing effectiveness.


From optimal email timing to predictive recommendations. Boost your marketing by including relevant product details and sending personalized emails to your customers.

Bounce rate Controller

Qnvert monitor your campaign deliveries in real-time and halt activities if the bounce rate threshold is breached, to safeguard the your domain & sender reputation.

Redundant Email Flusher

Qnvert helps you optimize your database by identifying non-engaging email addresses in your mailing list. You can now remove redundant mailing lists at your will.

Campaign Builder

A powerful and user-friendly tool that allows you to effortlessly create, customize, and manage your marketing campaigns. This will help in streamlining the process and automate campaign workflow for maximum outreach.

Anti-Spammer Badge

Utilizing Qnvert’s advanced cloud-based tool, your domain and email capabilities are meticulously analyzed based on 300+ criteria, resulting in the esteemed Anti-SPAMMER badge, enabling smooth and successful email campaigns.

Inbox Score

With Qnvert’s specialized approach and algorithm, measure the efficacy of your email marketing efforts based on 50+ criteria, such as content relevance, engagement rate, and verified email lists, to determine your chances of landing in your customer’s inbox.

Clickmaps on Email Content

Provide visual representations of recipient engagement, displaying the areas where subscribers interact most within the email content to help marketers optimize campaigns, increase click-through rates and overall email performance.

One Campaign, Multiple activities

Running multiple activities under one campaign allows cohesive messaging and consistent branding, increasing efficiency and reaching a broader audience with targeted content. It enables streamlined data analysis and better insights for refining marketing strategies.

A/B Testing

Compare two variations (A and B) of a marketing element to determine which one performs better to optimize campaigns and achieve higher conversion rates. By measuring user responses, it allows data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement in marketing efforts.

Campaign Analytics (Conversion tracking, Reporting etc)

Get valuable data insights on user behaviour, campaign performance, and ROI, for data-driven decision-making in marketing strategies. By analyzing and interpreting data, you can make informed optimizations to enhance conversions and overall success.

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