Boost conversions using funnels and paths

Analyse user journey, eliminate bottlenecks to better your sales

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Increase Customer Engagement with Automation

Activate different funnels (for E-commerce or Physical outlets), based on customer attributes, with help of marketing automation to push customers through the sales funnel. 

Analyse User Behaviour through Dynamic Funnels

Get in-depth conversion rates, user conversion timings, and weekly behavioural insights to  optimise customer journey.

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Evaluate Funnel Campaign Effectiveness

Assess campaign success by analyzing both pre and post-reports, and optimise campaigns to achieve success.

Discover the Top Paths & Drop-offs

Review the pathways leading to a purchase. Identify the most effective conversion routes for your sales channel (Physical or online). Look at the drop-offs at each stage and activate campaigns for higher retention

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Endorsed by 100+ Customer-Centric Brands, spanning various sizes from big to small.


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