Track your revenues holistically to generate better-than-expected sales.

Pipeline Analysis

Successfully achieve sales and business goals by implementing strategic pipeline analysis

Sales Opportunities

Determine the probable sales value of a lead based on the chances of converting the lead into an actual sale.

Monthly Sales Growth

Employ a consolidated dashboard to oversee your monthly sales growth, enabling you to identify challenges and leverage evolving trends.

Monthly Sales Bookings

Track the value of your sales wins, develop sales strategy, and prepare forecasts with ease

Product Performance

Evaluate product rankings based on sales data to distinguish the best-sellers from the lower-performing products.

Sales Activity

Make informed decisions regarding sales KPIs to accomplish sales and business targets effectively.

Sales Target Attainment

Analyze sales performance compared to established targets to visually represent its alignment with objectives.

Sales per Rep

Set sales targets, identify top-performing and underperforming reps, and improve individual and team performance.

Monthly Calls/Emails Per Sales Rep

Track and evaluate a sales rep's productivity level by measuring their monthly sales-related activities, such as calls and emails.

Monthly Onboarding and Demo Calls

A robust Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that provides insights into both the sales funnel's performance and a representative's achievement in sealing deals.

Sales Analysis

Driving Sales Success through Data Analysis Insights

Lead-to-Sale %

Analyze the team's success in transforming prospects into paying clientele.

Customer Acquisition Cost

Evaluate the investment required to gain a new customer, accounting for all sales and marketing expenditures, such as salaries and overhead.

Deeper Analysis

Achieve sales excellence through in-depth analysis

Retention and Churn Rates

Assess the effectiveness in customer retention and the creation of recurring revenue, along with the percentage of customers canceling or not renewing contracts or subscriptions.

Customer Lifetime Value

Identify the customer segments yielding the highest revenue and ascertain the appropriate acquisition cost for acquiring new customers.

New and Expansion Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Tap into the power of MRR to make forecasts, comprehend emerging revenue streams, and assess sales growth trends from new and existing customers.

Average Purchase Value

Leverage the average purchase value to craft sales tactics that encourage customers to increase their spending and to predict the worth of potential leads.

Average Revenue per User

Track your ARPU against your MRR & Customer Acquisition Cost to tweak your strategies for sales growth.

Average Profit Margin

Evaluate the profit margins derived from individual products, regions OR team

Endorsed by 100+ Customer-Centric Brands, spanning various sizes from big to small.


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